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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Argentina - politics and football

Its often said by non football loving lefties that football is 'reactionary' and 'de-politicising'

I do have some sympathy as a mental health worker, with the idea that football can often be the only acceptable way for males to display their emotions publicly due to machismo attitudes..

However sometimes there are little glimmers of politics combined with football - which I think is a good thing

Take a look here at the Argentina side taking a stand supporting the mothers of the Desaparecidos or Disappeared - when the right wing military junta took power in the 1970s


But also genuine frendship that Castro and Maradona have built up over the years!


The ever controversial character that is Maradona - clearly showing his political leanings! And lets hope his unorthodox approaches to leading the Argentinian team are successful. Afterall  I stuck a fiver on Argentina when they were still 7 to 1. Was just so tempted - in defiance against the way the UK media wrote him off as a mad man.

As it stands currently the Argentines are looking good!


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