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Monday, 10 May 2010

What now for ex cllrs Ian Page and Chris Flood?

Other smaller parties were also effected the same way in Lewisham, the Green Party lost 5 out of 6 councillors. The Lib Dems also lost seats when they were predicted to increase.

So it does mean that Ian and I wont be able to use our positions (which we no longer have!) to represent the various campaigns and issues - at least not in a formal capacity anyway. 

However we would very much like to continue to support all the individuals we have to date as well as the various campaigns.

Politics is very fluid at the moment (maybe thats an under statement even!) and it does seem that we are staggering from one crisis to another whether that be economic or political. We will see. Some how I think that one way or another we will be back in some capacity - maybe as campaigners? Maybe in future by-elections? Who knows? But we can be sure that the huge cuts of up to £60 million in Lewisham council over the next 4 years will really have a negative impact on the lives of many and I do think this will find a political expression in some way. That may be through us, that maybe through others. It could even be through you all!

So please keep in touch with us - we arent your cllrs anymore but we have built up relationships with you all that we would love to continue. We arent going anywhere and Lewisham isnt that big a place! You and us together have built up a lot of experience in how to work to improve our area and how to tackle the bureaucratic council which can sometimes be such a monster. That experience wont be wasted and I am sure we will all draw on our collective wisdom and experience in the future. One thing to think about is the 16,000 plus votes we got across Lewisham as part of the joint slate between the Lewisham People before Profit group and the Socialist Party. That's not a bad basis to organise ourselves on for the future! So its not all doom and gloom.


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